Monday, July 30, 2018

A Request for Reviews of Asemic Writing Titles Available @ Amazon!

I have been going through the asemic Amazon list and reviewing titles from other presses, besides Post-Asemic Press books, to support the asemic writing community. So far I have written reviews for 11 books where asemic writing is an essential part of the text. I am going to write one a day until I have covered all of the asemic works on my wish list. Writing a review is a good way to practice writing and is enjoyable too! I even plan on reviewing the Voynich Manuscript!

If you would like to support Post-Asemic Press beyond purchasing a title, please consider writing a review. Every review helps PAP titles gather a wider audience.

Click here for a list of most of the asemic writing books on Amazon:

Here are all the Post-Asemic Press titles available at Amazon USA that I need reviews for. I can trade a book for a review if anyone is interested.
Contact me here for more information:

Here is a screenshot of the first 3 PAP titles on the list:

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