Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tim Gaze Punk Calligraphy: A Primer on Asemic Writing and Scribbles

Here is an article on asemic writing, written by Tim Gaze, and published by Cordite Poetry Review last August.

‘logogramme’ by Christian Dotremont from Logbook (Yves Rivière, 1974).

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Time On The Carousel by Jeff Crouch

grinder the circle the sweeper of being when once the brass the seeking the scene turning to wash a chariot wheel spinning Neptune submarine and clock where the motion reveals the melt of popsicle the sugary seal of something ancient seeking a sign is painted fresh blue while the music has meaning creaking in fog grinder the ride the keeper of being when once the bright the making a scene yearning to dash a chariot keel spinning his tune Lili Marleen and stop where the rotor unveils the lilt of the cycle the rubbery vein whose bleeding ancient seeking a sign is painted stark white while the music ascends to sunlight