Friday, February 23, 2018

Open Call for Asemic Writing in Zines

///////////////////open call/////////////////

Zinedepo is a zinelibrary in Arnhem Netherlands.
Early may 2018 we're organizing a little presentation on Asemic Writing and zines.
For this event we're looking for zines on or with asemic writing.
(for our definition of zines see our manifest or radical zineculture: )
If you have anyting that fits the definition and like to offer it for the expo drop me a mail at

Printed zines are welcome but its also possible to send pdf's (sending colour is fine but all pdfs will be printed in black and white.)

Marc Van Elburg, Zindepo Arnhem

There will also be a presentation on Esperanto language so if anyone has also done zines in Esperanto these are also more than welcome!


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Voodou Art Symbols & Stories by Love Leonce

"I'm Love Leonce founding member of the Timoun Rezistans art group since he was a young 10 year old. Timoun Rezistans Art School teaches art to Haitian children and women. Students learn how to draw and paint using different techniques. We use materials recycled like trash for example tires and wood. We set up the school to help because we believe that art can heal, especially those who are vulnerable. The project are a bit difficult for me, because I do not have the opportunity to do that. so I need support to buy the materials and food to feed the children. We make the workshop every week-end."

Fight for what you believe! Born Love Leonce (October 2, 1995) is an artist of Rezistans Timoun in Haiti. I started making sculptures and assemblages of recycled materials in 2006, (11 years old). His subjects are inspired by nature and Vodou's stories. I have been involved in numerous group exhibitions (2008 Creation Culture Foundation) to make workshops and work with children and also FOKAL, 2010 EMBASSADE DE FRANCE, FRENCH INSTITUTE and the Ghetto Biennial. In 2015, I worked in a project Radio Shak ... I expose at internatinale with Timoun Rezistans in Denmark with the collaboration of Kuratorisk AKTION To work with foreigners and many expoxitions I participated many. I also have an art school Timoun Workshop - workshops are made by me and Herold Pierre-Louis and Evans Richelieu in attendance -every weekends (saturday or sunday)- the artists provide material and food from their private sales a paintings and a continued support of donations My other passion and expertise is music as DJ SANPAREY, House playing, Dancehall, Ragga Muffin and Hip Hop.

Here is his facebook profile: