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FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED by Marilyn R. Rosenberg is available now at Amazon! Post-Asemic Press #008

After a slight delay because of the relaunching of Post-Asemic Press, Marilyn R. Rosenberg's energetic asemic action writing is finally available at Amazon. FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED is a book which at first inspection resembles chaotic scribbles, but then as the reader advances through Marilyn's calligraphic artistry, subtle unveilings take the reader through a story rendered timeless by the text's handwritten abstract scribal gestures. This is not a book generated by a computer— It is a human work, original and resistant. This asemic artists' book captures the ultra free writing of the current asemic spirit in a creative and experienced playful way. Marilyn has mastered a synthesis of a calligraphic hand and creative mind as only an artist and poet combined can generate. Marilyn best explains it here:

"The concept started here with a new irritation, a bite of memory, and a triggered reference as a glimpse, with a ghost of an old idea. FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED can be read, continuing in both directions, and so has two beginnings and possibly no end, spiraling around, as do most of MRR’s bookworks, and can be read in more than one direction. So seeing is both forward and backward, up, down and around. Broken unity, and hesitations in continuity, are so often concretely expressed by the fragmented circle. But, the complete circle does convey the absence of interruption, and many circles, whole and part circles are here. There are fish in various places, which for decades are the metaphors for groups, family or specific personalities. The name of a fish, the type of fish, gives the clue to its reason for being in the space it occupies. Calligraphic marks can recount one side of abstract conversations. Sometimes the open folio is one thought, but most often the facing pages are in dialogue, sometimes in heated contrast and possibly interacting or playing with the pages before and those pages ahead. Calligraphic drawing marks, indecipherable language, Ideogrammatic language, asemic poetry, is the language without known language, before written language, the language beyond any language. Varieties of Ideogram languages/ asemic narratives, tell abstract stories, of course. Interacting within themselves and with the viewer/reader, the pages do ask- are we filled with drawings or poems? Altered and added marks, layered, have hints of depth, space, and sometimes of darkness. Images of objects, and new marks together with those from this earlier series, develop new groups of visual and asemic poems/drawings. 2018 computer collages are 90, or so, pages in this edition artists' book - FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED."

  • Paperback: 100 pages
  • Publisher: Post-Asemic Press (January 20, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1732878838
  • ISBN-13: 978-1732878839
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Price: $15.00 

A dynamic and liberating journey that takes us far beyond the
neat and disciplined ranks of book typography into the unknown. 

—Simon Morley, author of Seven Keys to Modern Art    
I’ve known Marilyn R. Rosenberg’s work since the mid-80s and
have had the honor of publishing her work as an issue of the visual
poetry magazine Xerolage.  In the era of fact facts and fake fakes
these gestures of pen, pencil and brush expose the pre-cognitive
gestures of a mind always moving thru a landscape populated by
the enigmas of language yet to be understood. We open the
notebook to remember, to project, to learn how to think again. The
never-ending story never ends, or so we are led to believe.  Believe
in the marks your hand makes when no one is watching.  They will
never lie.

—mIEKAL aND, poet and publisher at Xexoxial Editions

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Sample pages:

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BRIEF BIO -  Marilyn R. Rosenberg

Born in Philadelphia Pa, MRR is second generation in the USA and all of her family came from the Ukraine while it was under Russian rule. She and Bob have two daughters, 5 grand sons and one grand daughter. Through the years MRR has had a varied education, then in 1978, a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Studio Arts at Empire State College, State U of NY.  In 1993 MRR graduated with a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from the Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University, NY, NY. 

Marilyn R. Rosenberg, as usual, with actual and virtual collage, with pen and brush, stencils, ink, and gouache is making unique and edition images often in bookworks or artists' books. And using the mouse, the Mac, and scanner MRR makes marks, images and words. Since 1977 MRR has been in some one person exhibitions and very many international group exhibits. MRR’s works are part of early mail art, and in current interactions. Ongoing MRR makes artists’ stamps, bookmarks, artists’ books, visual and asemic poetry. A small percentage are created with collaborators. Many unique sculptural bookworks, and published edition works, and works in catalogs, zines and anthologies can be found in university, college and museum library collections.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Asemic Origami Art Writing by Catherine Vidler


"I am writing to make a submission of six pieces. I made them using origami paper, a tin of pencils which was empty, a lead pencil and a fine texta. I put a square of origami paper over the empty opened pencil tin and then, while looking away, ran the lead pencil back and forth over the indentations where pencils would ordinarily be. In this way I made markings/sets of markings on the origami paperI then tried to define and expose the markings' outlines and internal spaces by using the fine texta". -Catherine Vidler

Bio: Catherine Vidler’s recent publications include 78 composite lost sonnets (Hesterglock Prote(s)xt, 2018), Lost Sonnets (Timglaset, 2018), collected composite lost sonnets (SOd press, 2018), lost sonnets (Spacecraft Press, 2018), table sets (no press, 2017), lake labyl (Penteract Press, 2017),  table set poems (Penteract Press, 2017), table set poems (Spacecraft Press, 2017), lake labyl (SOd press, 2017), chaingrass errata slips (SOd press, 2017), chaingrass night and unresolved chaingrass tiling (SOd press, 2017), chaingrass (SOd press, 2016) and chaingrass (zimZalla Object 039, 2016).]

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

AngelHousePress/Amanda Earl: Call for Asemic Writing for 2019

Call for Asemic Writing for 2019

Call for Asemic Writing for 2019

Please send jpgs, a bio and photo to with NPM 2019 in the subject line. Do not send links to sites or a Dropbox or Google drive and ask me to pick. Send as many jpgs as you like until the deadline.

Deadline: February 28, 2019
Publication status: work can be previously or currently published or unpublished as long as you hold copyright.

The work will be published on line at in April 2019. The entire month will feature asemic writing. The work will be on line until February 29, 2020.

Visit to see site’s parameters and aesthetic considerations. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

AngelHousePress began in 2009 as an alternative to institutionalized celebrations of poetry with the goal of expanding preconceived notions of what poetry is or means. My favourite response to the poetry on is "this isn't poetry!"

We publish one work each day in April for a total of 30 poems/pieces. I use the opportunity to discover potential contributors to and to our essay series. This year I want to focus on asemic writing to feature a type of visual poetry that is less well known.

AngelHousePress, established in 2007, publishes raw talent, ragged edges and rebels through its limited edition chapbook series (final chapbooks spring 2019),, an annual celebration of poetry in April,, an annual online PDF magazine that comes out in the autumn, an online essay series and a podcast, the Small Machine Talks. Please visit for more information, and to sign up to our mailing list to stay informed about calls for submission and activities.

Please share this call with fellow asemic writers.

Happy New Year and thank you to all who contributed and submitted work, bought and reviewed chapbooks, and shared our shenanigans in 2018.

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl