Monday, January 14, 2019

Asemic Origami Art Writing by Catherine Vidler


"I am writing to make a submission of six pieces. I made them using origami paper, a tin of pencils which was empty, a lead pencil and a fine texta. I put a square of origami paper over the empty opened pencil tin and then, while looking away, ran the lead pencil back and forth over the indentations where pencils would ordinarily be. In this way I made markings/sets of markings on the origami paperI then tried to define and expose the markings' outlines and internal spaces by using the fine texta". -Catherine Vidler

Bio: Catherine Vidler’s recent publications include 78 composite lost sonnets (Hesterglock Prote(s)xt, 2018), Lost Sonnets (Timglaset, 2018), collected composite lost sonnets (SOd press, 2018), lost sonnets (Spacecraft Press, 2018), table sets (no press, 2017), lake labyl (Penteract Press, 2017),  table set poems (Penteract Press, 2017), table set poems (Spacecraft Press, 2017), lake labyl (SOd press, 2017), chaingrass errata slips (SOd press, 2017), chaingrass night and unresolved chaingrass tiling (SOd press, 2017), chaingrass (SOd press, 2016) and chaingrass (zimZalla Object 039, 2016).]