Saturday, July 18, 2020

Dona Mayoora, Language Lines & Poetry out now from Timglaset

"Language Lines & Poetry is an epic poem of
control and release." —Amanda Earl

"This is an irresistible vispo grimoire for the curious eyes."Gary Barwin

"You will find yourself face to face with one of the most inventive

visual poets today showing you exactly how gesture, stroke, and rule

become language, become speech, become poetry." —Gregory Betts 

Language Lines & Poetry is Dona Mayoora's long awaited
follow up to Listening to Red. In this book Mayoora further explores the 
geometry of language, how lines and shapes can be juxtaposed to form or escape 

meaning. Her poetic mind is evident in every one of these works, many 

reminiscent of constructivist drawings, but sprung from the same source 

as her asemic poetry. Timglaset is proud to once again be trusted to 

publish Dona Mayoora's outstanding visual work.
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Dona Mayoora aka Donmay is a Bilingual, Visual and Experimental poet born in Kerala, India and residing in Connecticut, USA. Published author in India (Malayalam Poetry, Ice Cubukal (2012) and Neela Moonga (2019)) from Insight Publica and Sweden (Visual poetry, Listening To Red (2018), Echoes (2019), Language Lines & Poetry (2020)) from Timglaset Editions. Creator of Calligraphy Stories, onomatopoetic graphic narrative without text.
Group exhibitions:
2016:- Archaeological Park Scolacium, Calabria, Italy.
2017:- Barcelona, Spain.
2018:- Hungarian Academy, Rome, Italy. Museo Sociale, Danisinni, Italy. San Cataldo, Sicily, Italy. Ohio, U.S.A. Women Asemic Writer exhibit (Spring, Summer and Winter).
2019:- Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art - MU.SP.A.C, L'Aquila, Italy. Evora, Portugal. Museo Sociale, Danisinni, Italy. Lublin, Poland, Women Asemic Writer exhibit.

Language Lines & Poetry, 76 pp, full colour high quality digital print on 170 gsm Multidesign Original White, with a 270 gsm cover.  Ringbound edition of 99 copies. Format: A4 landscape (297x210 mm).

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Sentiments by Ragnhild Christiansen is available now from Non Plus Ultra

"In Sentiments the reader encounters powerful bodies of asemic scripture, that exist in a breath and dance of linear lively resuscitation, and dark gestural fascination. In this book one encounters Ragnhild Christiansen’s living hand that tears open raw, with brush and ink, the veil of a glorious creative mind. We are gifted shards of a calligraphic ecosystem dwelling in the mouth of a tiger hang gliding off cliffs of scribal dreaming. In this vision before us are lain deep charcoal tracks on the snowy white page. We are left hunting the action of a crow that has already taken flight after laying down its black bitumen. Natural deep expression rises again to acknowledge scraps of linguistic survival torn open on the pages of an absolutely great book."

—Michael Jacobson, author of Works & Interviews

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Softcover, printed on recycled paper
32 pages, edition of 50.

Below are sample images from Ragnhild's book:

Bio: Ragnhild Christiansen is a Danish artist born 1963. She works with asemic writing, abstracts, collages and more.