Thursday, May 16, 2013

Asemic Sibyls from Marco Giovenale

A new book by MARCO GIOVENALE from Italy
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Nr. 80

"Asemic Sibyls"
Asemic writing and computer graphics.

May 2013
A6 format (10.5x15 cm / 4 x 6") - 44 pages
cardboard cover, thread and quarter cloth binding
laser printing on ivory paper.
price: 15 euro / 20 US $ / 13 UK Sterling

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Dugort, Achill Island
County Mayo, Ireland
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My asemic kinetic novella Mynd Eraser is in Directed at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Current Exhibit in the MCBA gallery

Directed: The Intersection of Book, Film and Visual Narrative
May 17 - August 4, 2013
Opening reception
Friday, May 17; 6-9pm

Free and open to the public
As sequential narratives, artists' books share much in common with film. Both are time-based and grounded in sequential visual communication. Historically, as well as in contemporary practice, artists blur and perforate the boundaries between these two disciplines to create innovative, engaging, and interactive works.
Directed: The Intersection of Book, Film and Visual Narrative explores this juncture by presenting film/video artists that create narratives in a book-like fashion; artists that create works comprised of both physical objects and film/video productions; artists who in their creative oeuvre use both the book format as well as video/film to communicate signature themes; contemporary and historical graphic novelists who bridge the gap between utilitarian story boards and best-selling publications; and book artists who express content using traditional cinematic conventions such as montage, close-ups, fades, pans, slow motion, flashbacks, foreshadowing, props, split screens and other film-like methods for maintaining engagement and directing the eyes of viewers/readers.
Work by over 70 artists will be featured, representing a diverse cross-section of contemporary work from across disciplines and around the world: