Tuesday, May 12, 2020

GoFundMe for the Asemic Arts Expo in Mogliano Veneto, Italy | Curated by Ricky Brett

Ricky Brett is organizing this fundraiser.

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My dear friends and I have decided to organize the first Asemic and Light Language Gallery in our area, Mogliano Veneto, Italy.

We have gathered 32 artists from all over the world and want to give them a chance to make their name and art known. We were doing pretty fine until this Covid crisis started and now we are truly struggling to have everything set and running! We have only one month left before the opening so that's why we've decided to seek for help on this platform.

If everything goes well, the gallery will be open from the 5th to the 21st of June. No matter what, we will also organize a 3D Tour. For donations over 30Eu we will send you the printed catalogue with all the works on display!

We need the support of art lovers! We can't surrender our passion to this invisible enemy and to fear!
With your help we will manage to make this dream come true!

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