Saturday, February 23, 2019

Simon Morley, Crushed Books

Visual space is about looking, while writing space organizes vision, putting it in the service of learning and understanding. The Crushed Book series attempts to prize the book away from the latter and to put it at the service of the former.

Texts by Simon Morley and Michel Cegarra.

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Simon Morley is an artist and writer. He lives and works in France and the Republic of Korea, where he is an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at Dankook University. He is especially interested in exploring the interaction of word and image, the verbal and the visual, texture and text.

Morley is the author of Writing on the Wall: Word and Image in Modern Art (Thames & Hudson/California University Press, 2003), and the editor of The Sublime: Documents in Contemporary Art (Whitechapel Art Gallery/ The MIT Press, 2010). His theoretical writings have appeared in Third Text, World Art, The Journal of Contemporary Painting, and The Journal of Visual Art Practice. His new book, Seven Keys to Modern Art, was published by Thames & Hudson in early 2019. The Simple Truth. The Monochrome in Modern Art will be published by Reaktion Books in 2020.

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Simon and Michel
Sensational stuff, an inspiration to those who place value in the background of their work.