Tuesday, May 15, 2018

100 Hybrids by Jefferson Hansen | Coming out in Summer 2018 from Post-Asemic Press

Jefferson Hansen's new book 100 Hybrids, a book of asemic writing combined with poetry, will be coming out this summer from Post-Asemic Press. Above is the new cover art for the book. I am very excited to release 100 Hybrids, the poems are great and the asemic writing is primal and different than anything else out there. Included in this work are poems about poet-technology, new and old, which combine into verbal and non-verbal documentation of the author's current existence in a surveillance society.

Below is the first poem from 100 Hybrids:

Jefferson Hansen lives in Minneapolis and is the author of the selected poems Jazz Forms, the novel And Beefheart Saved Craig, and the short story collection Cruelty.

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Unknown said...

Jeff. What a wonderful "poem." It was so smart. Also, the photo of you is lovely. (Dan agrees and appreciates your ability to insert political and cultural awareness in your poems with tongue and cheek. It was wonderful seeing you yesterday.

love mary