Sunday, June 21, 2015

Misty predawn/just into dark, summer by Marilyn R. Rosenberg

Misty predawn/just into dark, summer, 2014 is on acid free textured heavy paper.  This Asemic visual poema bookwork is two hinged wood frames, flat total 19 inches h by 12 inches w, but standing open 12 inches w x 19 inches h x 10 inches deep. Graphite, acrylic and ink shapes of negative alphabet areas are traced from removed sections of stencils. Asemic notes jump in and out.
Now at Westchester Community College, Peekskill NY. As part of the group exhibition of the Peekskill Art Alliance OFF THE BEATEN TRACK, Marilyn R. Rosenberg's visual/asemic poetry in a one of a kind bookwork-

MISTY PREDAWN-just into dark

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