Sunday, May 4, 2014

Debate Team and Espionage for the Masses from Dave Morehouse



Brenda Gunning said...

May I be the first to comment here on your designs, Dave ?
I am trying to decide on what my reaction to them really is. I particularly like the colours and tones of the second one, and find it pleasing to look at. I can visualise it displayed in my house as a piece of artwork but I feel less inclined to call it "writing" - Asemic or otherwise.The term "visual poetry" seems to me to describe it better.
Is the design done using whatever medium the artist chooses and then photographs it ?

Anonymous said...

The second piece, "Espionage for the Masses", I did entirely in the digital domain. Your concept of 'visual poetry' describes it perfectly for me. I am new to the genre, however, and others may be better able to help with the essence of asemic writing.

A secret - If you look closely at the pink calligraphy you can find my name in there. Thanks again for your kind words. Cheers, Dave.