Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kickstarter for Serge Segay

On the centennial of Russian Futurism (see manifesto "Slap in the Face of Public Taste": please help me complete and publish my book of translations of the foremost NeoFuturist Russian poet, Serge Segay, a bilingual edition with facing pages of Russian and English texts and a Foreword by the foremost scholar of Russian Futurism, Gerald Janecek (Professor Emeritus, University of Kentucky). You can see a short selection from it published online at MAYDAY magazine (, Okla Elliott et al., eds.) and a larger one included in my 50-page tribute to Russian Futurism (available for free as a PDF from EM-review;, Daniele Pantano, ed.) It is an immensely complicated work replete with neologisms on which I have worked on and off for over two years and need to be able to set aside the month of May to finish. The first 120 contributing $25 or more receives a signed copy (copies) of the book, due out from mIEKAL aND's Xexoxial Editions (see for the first volume, of Segay's visual poetry). In the past several years, I have single-handedly (and without pay) made a significant portion of Russian poetry available (most of it for free online) to the English readership. While I have received substantial recognition. I now appeal to you for your help in continuing this work.

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