Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Asemic Punctuation from Marie Kazalia

Spots in Asemic art-- Spots appear in punctuation & spots/dots make up peripheral languages such as Braille, Morse code, and visible number symbols on a pair of dice. The Circle is geometric, the point is a line. In art school, I was instructed that a point, dot, spot is actually considered to be a line rather than geometric form, since a dot or point continued is a line. My spots are enlarged points.

American artist, attended California College of Arts and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her extensive travels and expatriate in Japan, India, and China, hold strong influence on the artist color palette and use of Asemic writing in her paintings.
The artist has exhibited internationally, and has her art
work in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY, A Book About Death collection
, Museum of Modern Art Wales, A Book About Death collection, 
MUBE = Museu Brasileiro da Escultra (http://www.mube.art.br) São Paulo, Brazil, the MUBE Troy art collection.

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