Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Asemic Computer Font from Tony Burhouse

To download: right click here and choose save as
To install: Opening the file should present you with the option to 'install', if not perhaps just drop it in your fonts folder.
The font features characters for all number and letter keys. mirrored variants of the characters are done by using caps/shift function. characters over-lap and can be positioned using spaces to achieve joining effects.

zZ O - h e L - l E H - o m M n N b - B R T_ t r G = g -v V- - Er Re - y Y -r R- 7 $ - = 4£ -)-=-0 - 3$ = - j0=)J P=p dD D d dD k d i = I D K = -) q Q 0- = = -0 ^ = 6 ) - =


rappel said...

if used to type english sentences it qualifies as a code...

Tony Burhouse said...

to rappel

yes indeed, but it probably won't look very good!