Monday, December 11, 2017

I Received 2 Great New Books Of Asemic Writing Today: 'Echolalia In Script' by Sam Roxas-Chua, & 'The Way I Discovered The Berlin Wall Has Fallen' by Federico Federici.

Today I received 2 books of asemic writing in the mail. Both of these books are great and are wonderful additions to the library of asemic writing I am constructing! Sam's is the more varied of the 2 with everything from asemic calligraphy to images of sculptures where asemic writing is included as an element, while Federico's is computer coded in LaTex: the whole book is a macro-code which is shaped once distilled and printed. Both texts are at the opposite ends of the asemic spectrum as far as how they were written, but they have a similar spirit to them, secret and illegible yet still maintaining their aesthetic allure. I highly recommend these books for deep reading during the winter months (summer for you southern hemisphere people). Like all asemic books, they can be enjoyed and studied for a lifetime or casually perused in an afternoon.

Click the following links to purchase the 2 books at Amazon:

Here is Sam's book:

Here is Federico's:

& here is the list of all the asemic writing books available through Amazon:

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