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Asemic Art & Writing by Michel Lienard


Shapes by Tim Gaze is available now at Bandcamp! A Post-Asemic Press Sound Poetry/Sonic Release #005

The legendary asemic writing artist and publisher Tim Gaze has a new album out of sound poetry from Post-Asemic Press.

It is titled  ʂ ɦ ɑ p ɛ ʃ  and is a full album of sonic speech invention.

Tim recently finished a degree in linguistics and his education serves him well in these recordings. 

They are difficult to describe but are a pleasure to listen to. The recordings are a new direction pointing towards the future of sound poetry, where Tim engages with the technology of modern recording and effects, but also tells an ancient story of mind and magick. Without any more words, the album best explains itself. Also look out for Tim Gaze's collection of asemic writing Glyphs of Uncertain Meaning coming out this spring 2021 from PAP.

 ʂ ɦ ɑ p ɛ ʃ sound poetry by Tim Gaze

The tracks were recorded between 2017 & 2020 at home all compositions written, produced & performed by Tim Gaze 

All tracks are Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license 

Cover art & design by Tim Gaze 

Sound poem 1 & sound poem 3 previously published in Utsanga 19

Influences: Henri Chopin, Jaap Blonk, dub, techno timgazesoundpoetry<@>gmail<.>com