Friday, May 13, 2022

Unrecognizable Letterforms (Alphabits™) by Joel E. Swanson

Unrecognizable Letterforms (Alphabits™)

found cereal forms, lead

I made this sculptural series from a box of store-bought Alphabits cereal. I pulled out any piece of cereal that was unrecognizable as an alphabetic letterform, and then molded and cast those forms from led lead. Thematically the work addresses the consumption and commodification of language.

Zapf Dingbats Revolved Around Their Y Axis
found typeface, 3D printed plastic
approximately 2 x 2 x 2 inches each

This work was derived from the typeface Zapf Dingbats, a common symbolic typeface designed by Hermann Zapf in 1978. To create this series of micro sculptures, I took each glyph and revolved it around its vertical axis, and then 3D printed each form, creating a series of playful and unexpected forms.